“We are all one piece, and in this puzzle all the pieces are important”

Create an exceptional meeting community for all participants through an unforgettable global celebration that contributes to improving the quality of life by promoting healthy entertainment at home.

Manage the creation of a different tournament, a Home Tournament, in which people can access individual or family recreation through a collaborative playful activity. A tournament that seeks to use a hobby to inspire the participants and improve their daily lives, helping all those who, as a result of the pandemic, are isolated and/or feel alone, find in this activity a possibility of belonging, company and relief.

Organize events of quality that can be enjoyed by individuals, companies and organizations around the world, allowing the creation of inclusive and environmentally-friendly communities, enhancing integration, bringing everyone together equally promoting inclusion, diversity and respect.


To be the world reference in the organization of massive competitions that are carried out from home for participants, companies and organizations around the world.

Achieve an impact on the world with activities that do not require manuals or instructions, breaking all existing records, in which equality and respect are a fundamental pillar of its development.

Connect participants around the world to create an inclusive and innovative celebration of a hobby in a playful way, promoting friendship and building community.

We will move forward together to build a better future for all.

“A world with respect, justice, equality and solidarity”



It’s the main reason that motivated the creation of Torneo en Casa, the commitment as citizens and as professionals to want to do something for the benefit of others. A duty that gives meaning to our lives.


We recognize, accept, appreciate and value the qualities and opinions of all people and their rights.


We do things in good spirits. We share those spirits with the parties involved to meet the set objectives.


We work from the base of values and ethical principles. Acting honestly and without compromising the truth.